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Poem generator is a free online poetry generator. It is an advanced AI Technology tool for creating unique,  versatile and fun poems on any topic in multiple styles. This editpad poem maker transforms your imagination into rhythmic poetic composition.

Here are some steps you can follow to write the poem on our AI Poem Generator tool.

1. Enter a few keywords about your poem’s theme, emotions or imagery. Be as descriptive as possible.

Write Keywords In Poem Generator

2. Select desired length: short, medium or long. This determines word count.

Select the desired length for poem

3. Choose a poem type like haiku, sonnet or free verse based on what style you want.

Choose the Style of desired poem

4. Click generate. The AI will instantly output a unique poem for you.

Generated Poem

5. Tweak keywords if you want to modify poem direction or rewrite it entirely

6. Share your poem on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook

You can create different types of poetry using this AI poem writer which includes following styles:

Haiku Generator

Haiku is a form of Japanese traditional poetry that consists of three lines composed of 17 phonetic units in a 5,7,5 pattern. This poetry style mainly emphasizes on simplicity of nature and beauty of life through directness of its expression.


Free Verse Poem Generator

Poems that are not restricted to particular structure or rhyming scheme fall into this free verse poem generator category. Its flexible form freely allows a poet to express his feelings and emotions in beautiful poetry.


Sonnet Poem Generator

Oldest form of poetry consisting of 14 lines of iambic pentameter. It has a specific rhyming scheme. It is themed on love and passion that make this poem style unique and beautiful.

Listed below are some features of this online tool that make it efficient and perfect to use for expressing one’s thoughts and emotions in a unique manner of poetry.

  • Easy to use:
    Keeping in view the complexity of a writer’s block, we have created a simple and user-friendly tool. You can provide yourself with any kind of poem of your choice with just a click.
  • Fast processing:
    All you need to do is just enter a few words about your poem and you will get your desired output within a blink of an eye. It is also available to you at any time.
  • Advanced AI and ML:
    It works on advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows you to receive different outputs in a single prompt by just clicking the Generate again button.
  • Varying length and style:
    This Poem Generator gives you results of your choice by providing you the facility of selecting desired length and style of your poem.
  • Data Privacy:
    We don’t store any personal input and output data of users. Data security is our first priority, and all the data on our servers gets deleted afterwards.
  1. Time saving tool:The fast working pace of this tool makes it helpful in saving time. Now you can give time to your much important other tasks and get your poem within seconds by using this poem maker.
  2. Special Occasions & gifts: Using an AI poem generator, you can give a personal touch to celebrations and gifts with uniquely crafted poems for birthdays or special moments like weddings, even if you are not a poet. This makes it perfect for everyone.
  3. Education and learning: As a teacher you can use this generator to spark students interest in poetry. Newbies can learn different styles of poems to improve themselves and explore more about the poetry world and experienced ones  can modify his poetry skills and get more new ideas out of it.
  4. Social media content creation: It creates eye-catchy content that increases productivity of your content. For example , to express the beauty of everyday life, one can use a haiku poem generator while another can use free-verse style to give words to his feelings and emotions.

Absolutely free to use for everyone regardless of your poetry writing skills.

Everybody can use this tool whether you are a poet or a common man who wants to impress his wife.

Not a problem at all! If you are not satisfied with the results, you can regenerate it by clicking the generate again button and get a different result to fulfill your imagination.

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  • Tip: Use evocative adjectives and powerful nouns to make your poems.